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Thank you for taking a look at my website, which takes a look at the history of the Stamford Bellfoundry, who were prolific makers of church bells in Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties.
  Tobias Norris I purchased a building in St Paul's street Stamford in 1617. This was to be the home of the bellfoundry until 1689, at which point the bellfoundry moved to alternative premesis. Tobias Norris I had cast church bells for several years before the move to St Paul's Street, with bells dating back to as early as 1603. It is not known where his bellfoundry was situated pre 1617 or post 1689.
  Today, the site of the St Paul's street foundry is a public house called the Toby Norris.
  The bellfoundry was in operation all through the rest of the 17th century, through times of Civil War and Plague. Three different members of the Norris family all ran the busiess, with Thomas and Tobias III all continuing the family profession.
  After Tobias III had passed away in 1699, the business was carried on by Alexander Rigby, a bellfounder who had started off his career at Potterspury in Northamptonshire. After Rigby's death in 1707 the business folded.

There were a few eyebrows raised when I told a few people about my ideas for this site. Some were encouraging but some asked why I would even attempt it. They asked...would anyone be interested? Well, as I start this site, I honestly do not know the answer to that question. Time will tell I suppose.....
  ....As to why I started off this site, well that is easy to answer. I started off a website in September 2006 looking at village churches that are to be found within a 20 miles radius of Peterborough in the UK. A link to my main site can be found by clicking on the photograph immediately below this text.
  Picking up history books, and doing a little internet research on the churches that I had visited, the same name cropped up again and again on many church bells.
  This was the name Norris. The name occurred so many times that it sparked my curiosity. It was in the early Summer of 2009 that I decided to some research on these bells, and the men who made them.

Peakirk bells

Photographs included on this page are as follows. Pictured top left, a Norris bell from the church of St Mary at Broughton Astley. Photograph kindly supplied by the good folk there!
  Top middle, and the church bells at the church of St Andrew at Alwalton. Four bells by Thomas Norris hang there. Photographs kindly provided by David Neate, churchwardern.
  Top right and a bell that originally hung in at the church of St Andrew at Thornhaugh. This was taken down several years ago as it was cracked and was donated to Stamford museum.